Cast of Characters

The wheels have so many things that merit discussion, but beyond their function to turn fiber into yarn, they each have a personality. Usually this is centered in the figure carved onto the handle and springs from the dreams of each spinner.  Often these personalities surprise us with their sense of life. Enjoy this visit with these characters.

Henry the House Dragon remains one of our favorites for several reasons. He expresses so much intensity in his quest for knowledge, and obviously is more than a beginner judging by his cape and cap. What is he researching this time, in his book, Knitting for Dragons?
This Griffin, who has chosen to remain nameless, is just about the opposite of little Henry. Stately, dignified, and able to handle any fiber situations, this fellow is always prepared. His beak doubles as a handle, but if you ever run across him, remember to ask permission and use the word, “Sir.”
How do you follow a stately griffin? Nobody can follow him better than our old pal, Rudy. Rudy defies all normal bounds of NW Coast art forms and always has a glint in his eye and a smile on his face. This is more evident when you notice a rhinestone inlaid into one of his teeth. This photo shows him at his most noble, but take note – he is a tricky and unpredictable wolf. P.S. Laurie, Rudy’s keeper, has always maintained that Rudy is a lady’s man!


Edgar the raven is Rudy’s cousin, but beyond that they are very different in personality. Though ravens can be tricky birds, Edgar is honest and straightforward. He takes his role as stand-in for Raven of NW Coast legends. Even the disc in his beak reminds us of his great heritage. Good boy, Edgar.
Sometimes we all need a little direction in our work. The owner of this wheel has music in her blood and made a career out of directing and developing the talents of others. She also has a fondness for vintage Disney images. This iconic fellow will put a smile on anybody’s face.