Beauty and the Beast Wheel

dying beast

my latest spinner, Amy from Utah, requested a Beauty and the Beast themed wheel. She did not want me to use the Disney movie style so I had to come up with my own way of depicting the characters. Just as a sort of warm up I used another silver spoon to get things started. You can see it below the sculpture of the beast. All Amy needs to do is find a small beautiful stone that she likes and glue it in the bowl of the spoon. In this photo you can see the beast feet motif Amy requested for the treadles. The painting on this side shows Beauty as she finds the dying Beast.

handsome Prince

A little love goes a long way! That old beast has magically transformed – with a little help from my artistic license.


Here is a better view of the beast. I wanted to make a rather fearful creature with just a hint of potential showing through. This guy looks like he’s a little tired of being a beast. My wife, Maxine, once again contributed a little treasure to the project. The silver shield with the small gem stones adds a good touch to the spoon.

White Rose

Our beast had a very heavy head! The way I decided to lighten it was to perform brain surgery and remove a lot of wood and epoxy. I made a cover for the new secret compartment and embellished it with a white rose painting, another request from Amy. All told I am happy with the way the wheel turned out. There are many other ways the story could have been told but the art on this wheel hits the high points. Enjoy!

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